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Our Mere Existence Is Excellence.One thing I’ve always wondered was, why do we celebrate Black History Month in February? Upon first glance, it kinda feels like once again, Black people are forced to accept the scraps of society. Especially considering it is the shortest month of the year. So I did a little digging.

You up for a little history lesson?

Carter G. Woodson, a graduate of the University of Chicago, and Harvard felt a way about the lack of representation of Black people and culture in history books. Basically another form of erasure of Black people and our contributions to society. So he took it upon himself to change the narrative. He created the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH). From this came the group's widely respected publication, the Journal of Negro History. Believe it or not, this group actually first met and held meetings at a YMCA in Chicago.
In 1926, Woodson and crew developed Negro History Week. This week of study was revolutionary, and began to receive a lot of support and engagement throughout the Black community.  

But you may still be asking, why Feb., fam? Let me tell you…

It is said that he decided to host Negro History Week, during the second week of Feb. because it connected the birthdays of Fredrick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln. The tea is, the actual date of birth of Mr. Douglas is unknown (because of slavery), but he chose to celebrate it on Feb. 14. Now, we all now know the Emancipation Proclamation was problematic. But we’re going to let that slide for now.
In 1976, Negro History Week was extended, and Feb. became Black History Month.

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